Make Your Office Look Trendy With Modern Office Desks

Office desks and furniture are important for any office. Gone those days when desks were only made by woods. Today you can experience different materials are used to make office desks. Different size, color and shape of desks are produced by vendors for official use. The marketplace is full of different style and design desks […]


John Keats was the consummate bohemian and Romantic—the Vincent van Goh of the literary world.  His poetic musings are some of the most versatile out there, and can be applied to all manner of things—including shopping for a new vase. 1.    A THING OF BEATUTY IS A JOY FOREVER: Keats’ “Endymion” contains a quote which […]

Bedroom Lighting: How to create the perfect lighting

If there is one place in your home where you want to create a warming lighting effect, it would be your bedroom.  This is one room that you want to create an ambiance for you and is not about your guests.  As your bedroom is personal to you then you can be a little bit […]